One’s love confession vs. One’s confession of love

One’s love confession vs. One’s confession of love

The next is an extract extracted from a student that is italian little bit of English research before we corrected it.

Additionally Mr Amos’s gf, Sabina, arrives into the restaurant, and she assisted to David’s [Mr Amos] love confession to Anna. Then waiter started performing their want to Anna. A fight broke away and Anna made a decision to keep the restaurant.

What is bothering me personally may be the expression: . she assisted to David’s love confession to Anna, that I corrected as

1) . she listened as David confessed their want to Anna and perhaps 2) . she listened to David’s confession of love for Anna

But could We have kept it as David’s love confession?

3) . she paid attention to David’s love confession for Anna

The expression to confess a person’s love is grammatical and idiomatic, exactly what about “one’s love confession”? I can not explain why love confession is improper (or ungrammatical).

Bing is of no help, and Bing Books offers lots of false positives, which however concur that love confession are at minimum, an expression that is unusual.

Samples of “his love confession” utilizing Bing’s internet search engine. They are taken from the initial three pages. Even though the expression “his love confession” appears to be typical, it is clear listed below are perhaps not authored by indigenous speakers.

A high star that is japanese their love for Kara’s Nicole? From the present bout of Japanese music show “Music Station” Nicole and Japanese rock-band user from L’Arc

He had been completely frustrated, this is all Takao’s fault together with love that is stupid confession.

The following night on the bridge where Banri would have his accident in a dream, Banri remembers that after his love confession to Linda, she agreed to tell him her response.

Cho kyuhyun adored Search Engine Optimization Joo-hyun a great deal and began his very own love confession to Search Engine Optimization Joo-hyun. Continue reading “One’s love confession vs. One’s confession of love”